Arhiz Caucasus Spring

Arkhiz — natural mountain water from the old glaciers of the North Caucasus. It is extracted at the height of 1507 m above the sea level and does not come into contact to subsoil waters absolutely. Going through the natural mountain filter, it it is weak mineralized, finding amazing taste and additional useful properties includes more than 18 natural minerals and microcells, natural iodine, thus the water can be consumed daily in any amounts is allowed for children from the moment of their birth

One litre of water Arhiz contains:

Calcium (Ca) — 47 mg/l; Magnesium (Mg) — 19 mg/l; Potassium (K) — 2 mg/l; Fluorine (F) — 0,5 mg/l; Natural iodine — 100 mkg/l

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