Невское Имперское

Nevskoye appeared on the market in the early 1990-s becoming one of the first Russian beer brands. Since its appearance this beer has been distinguished for its stable premium quality. The successful development of the brand has been always accompanied by changes and innovations. Today Nevskoye is among the leading brands of the Russian premium beer market. The beer is produced only from ecologically clean natural raw materials imported from abroad, using the state-of-the-art technologies and equipment. In addition to the taste, the premium character of the brand is emphasized by the form of the bottle and the images of classic St. Petersburg in the label design. Since March 2008 Nevskoye can be opened with comfort, as it is produced with a twist-off cork. Main awards: 1996 — Silver award of Brewing Industry International Awards 2000 — Golden award at IV International Professional Contest of Beer and Soft Drinks 2001, 2005 — Best Beer of the Year category, International Professional Contest of Beer, Soft Drinks and Mineral Water 2003 — Golden award of VII International Professional Contest The Best Beer, Soft Drink and Mineral Water of the Year 2007 — Bronze award in the category Lager Packaged, Australian International Beer Awards 2007 (Australia) 2008 — Silver award in the category Lager Packaged, Australian International Beer Awards 2008 (Australia) 2009 — Golden award in the category Pilsner, Monde Selection (Belgium) 2009 — Silver award of Superior Taste Award (Belgium)


Water, barley malt, brewing barley, maltose syrup, hops. Alcohol content: not less than 4.6%. Original wort gravity: 11%.

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