The home of Asahi Super Dry beer is Japan, the country that appreciates the skill of creating the unique atmosphere of tranquility and harmony. The hard-working Japanese value the moments when they can get away from the workdays’ fuss and stresses of the metropolis and enjoy a rest in quiet harmonious surroundings together with Asahi Super Dry beer. It goes well with one’s favorite dishes. The unique technology of long fermentation used in Asahi Super Dry production allows complete sugar fermentation, which gives the beer its special laconic flavor. It is for this reason that the beer was called Dry, which sounds as "Karakuchi" in Japanese, and is used with the word Super to stress its exclusiveness. The beer was launched on March 17, 1987, and has been the number one brand by its sales in Japan for many years due to its original taste. Today Asahi Super Dry is exported to more than 50 countries and produced under a license in China, Thailand, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Canada and Russia under permanent supervision of Japanese brewers. The brand is produced with use of rare yeast, expensive elite hop and brewing barley selected in strict conformity with more than a hundred criteria, including the grain variety, its origin and germination methods. Observance of strict production rules ensures the complex aroma, exquisite bitterness and elegant flavor of Asahi Super Dry balanced and refined to perfection. Asahi Super Dry beer creates the feeling of tranquility, simplicity and harmony away from urban fuss.


Alcohol content: 5.0%. Original wort gravity: 11.0%. Energy value: 41.0 kcal. Nutritional value per 100 g of beer: carbohydrates: not more than 2.9 g.

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0.44 litre bottles

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